Cafe / Restaurant

The property has a floor space of approximately 250m² divided into a restaurant, kitchen, bakery, storage, staff toilet and toilets (handicapped accessible).
The entire south side of the restaurant has high quality glass doors to the terrace with sea views. The terrace has about 60m² (12x5m).
The entrance to the Local is through the glass revolving door of the entrance hall of the main building of the condominium or the terrace with disabled access.

If you still want to use the Local as a cafe-restaurant, you can take over the exclusive equipment with large cake counter, kitchen / bakery in stainless steel completely furnished.
(Miewe oven, serverondo dough sheeter, etc. high quality kitchens and refrigerators.) Complete facilities available.)

The spacious interior is tastefully decorated with stucco work on walls and ceilings, air conditioning, halogen lighting, gilded wall and ceiling chandeliers with cut crystal, light dimmer, music system with built-in ceiling speakers. All furniture is custom-made with spring core seats. The fabric can be redone any time to taste.

The property also includes the property registered in the land register of the property with parking and pool area, as well as the luxury entrance hall with revolving glass door entrance.

The concession is in place and can be taken over. Help is offered at a business transfer.


Private sale for health reasons to one
Special price of only: 350.000,00 €

Inventory of negotiation
(Bank estimate: 591,084.00 €) without inventory.

Also suitable as an investment, for leasing.

For telephone questions, I am always happy to help.