An investment that pays off

We offer two fully developed commercial properties for sale. The real estate can be bought together or individually and used. You are in an exclusive residential complex with 156 residential units, on the ground floor right on the beach.
At the moment, both properties are set up for the catering business. But you can also do it for z. As an office, doctor's office, cosmetic, Estetik-, fitness beauty salon or shop use.
The real estate includes a registered ownership in the land register of the communal area, pool park as well as the entrance hall with panoramic glass elevator, glass revolving door.
In the immediate vicinity are a German retirement home, a 800 bed hotel and an urbanization with many condominiums and apartments.
The kilometer long beach is only a few minutes walk away. The whole area as well as the two restaurants are very well known and popular on the southern Costa Blanca.
Other restaurants are a few km away and are therefore no concession.

Private sale

We have operated in the premises over many years, a very successful cafe-restaurant. The business ran all year long and enjoys an excellent reputation with many regular customers.
Unfortunately, for health reasons, it is no longer possible for us to continue to run the business.

For telephone questions, I am always happy to help.